Track, analyze and diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Completely Anonymous

No sign in required.

Support For 1000+ Coins

Track your positions automatically.

Diversify Coins

Includes Shapeshift, Changelly, Trezor & MetaMask integration.

Sync ERC20 Tokens

Query the blockchain to find your ERC20 balances.


See all your positions in aggregate with latest market prices.

Interactive Charts

Interactive charts that displays your portfolio by asset and by market capitalization. Also, charts for the top 1000 crypto assets showing price and volume change.

Shapeshift and Changelly Integration

Easily diversify your positions using our Shapeshift and Changelly integration. Have a Trezor hardware wallet? Use our services directly from your Trezor. Use MetaMask? Transform ether and ERC20 tokens stored in your Metamask wallet.

Cryptocurrency Coin Guide

A comprehensive guide to the coins. Perfect for research purposes.

What people are saying

I like the really easy-to-use portfolio you offer. Others I tried so far were very complex and I didn't need most of their features.

...a lean application... with good looking design. Recommended for people that do little trading, looking for a nice visualization for their manual inputs. It is surely a contender to both Blockfolio and TabTrader...

A great tool for providing 'at a glance' view of my portfolio.