Unlock Achievements And Earn ERC20 POINT Tokens (BETA)*

We have minted 1,000 POINT tokens. Unlock achievements by performing different actions on EMOON and be rewarded with tokens.

Cool, so how do I get some of these tokens?

First, make sure you have supplied us with your public Ethereum address in the form to the right. We'll use that to allocate your tokens. Then, perform an actions as explained below to earn the tokens! Keep an eye on this page or our Twitter feed to learn about new ways to unlock achievements. And, there are some easter egg tokens hiding if you explore the website thoroughly.

  1. Create a portfolio and add at least 5 positions.
  2. Query the blockchain.
  3. Share your portfolio.
  4. Contact us with quality feedback about the site (bugs, feature requests, etc).
  5. Give us a shout out on social media or a blog post and let us know the link.

Cool, so now I have some POINT tokens. What next?

We anticipate offering some services on the site that you can use by paying with your token. Also, it is a real ERC20 Ethereum token which you can exchange just like any other token.

*Learn more about the POINT Token system at http://www.pointtoken.io. The POINT Token is currently in beta and exists on the Rinkeby Ethereum testnet. You can see the smart contract on the blockchain here. Once we move to mainnet, we will replay all the achievements earned while we were in beta.

My Achievements

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